Day 22. ¿ Do we now understand the chronically ill?

We begin the fourth week of confinement, and many people are discovering the fear of not having Health 🤧 for the first time in their lives.

Some are already aware of the seriousness of being able to get sick and not know what will happen to you. Most are discovering how difficult it is to live, without having assured that tomorrow you will be fine, having the continuous question that it will happen if I get sick.

Well that is exactly the feeling that I have been 15 years since I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, and many others like me who have this disease or another chronic disease.

Now the majority are discovering how hard it is to feel that insecurity, that difficulty that the uncertainty of knowing whether you will be well or not tomorrow creates in your day to day.

Well, to that fear of knowing how you will be tomorrow, add the certainty that you are bad, symptoms that are painful and incapacitating most of the times to carry out a normal life, and you will be in the situation in which we are chronically ill day after day, without the need for coronaviruses.

That is why it is essential, that we never forget that there are people who have a bad time, there are people with health problems who should always be helped, people who have had problems getting ahead for many years.

People who need empathy, understanding, and even help from everyone in order to live, the current wave of solidarity is great, but when this happens, there will be people who previously needed help, and will continue to need it.

Now that we are all experiencing a small part of the difficulties that the chronically ill have in our day to day, we should develop a solidarity mechanism in our mind, that helps us at least to be understanding and empathetic with the chronic.

We don’t need or ask for anything strange, just a little help and understanding. I repeat empathy and understanding, it is the least we should get out of this trance.

Thanks in advance.


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