Once day Crohn comes to visit you.

You lead a normal life, you do what you want, you assume that you are a strong uncle, and with Salud, you do not worry too much about taking care of yourself, you are young and you can do everything.
Suddenly you notice a pain in the gut, you have a swollen belly, the pain does not remit, everyone including you, thinks that it is a gastroenteritis or that something has made you feel bad, a friend prepares you serum so you do not become dehydrated.

It happens to you in three days and you continue with your normal life, after 15 days the pains return, I will have become lazy from the other time and something has made me feel bad, the same process even goes to the doctor, so that they look at you, but Do not consider anything other than the damn gastroenteritis and the doctor confirms it, a gastric protector, soft diet and follow.
But every time the pains come before, he limps in fear of eating and you start to lose weight, people look at you weird, you start to be thin.
You go to the emergency room, and the diagnoses range from gas, to gastroenteritis to blaming stress, I noticed they do no test, and again and again you go home with the damn gastroenteritis between eyebrow and eyebrow.
Until your mother and father see you so thin, they see you suffer so much that they get fed up, they look for a specialist, who looks you from top to bottom, and that if you find what it is.
He puts you in a room, and tells you that you have Crohn, and the next thing that explains to you is that it is a chronic disease, if it is not cured, you have to live with it all your life.
You leave the consultation and you’re as if you were, as if that were a joke in bad taste, or the script of a movie, but it is not everything is real.
It is hard to accept it, you run out of work, your girl can’t stand it anymore and your relationship is broken, thousands of doubts assail you, but that noses is no choice but to move on.
You find an angel of the guard who helps you, (Jose Antonio), and with a 5-minute talk he explains what the disease is, because he is not a doctor but he has passed it, or you realize that he is screwed, but that you can live.
And as there is no other, and with the old trial strategy – error, you start living, this I can eat, this no, this I can do this no, this is going well for me, this is going bad for me.
You find work, you work like an animal, you get married, you have a child, you can suffer again and you do it, but now you know what happens, even with Crohn you can live and it is worth living.
I don’t know how the moment would be when I visited you Crohn, and I know I stay in your life, but I’m sure it looks more or less like this story.

And I hope that the end is similar, because once the disease is accepted and the trial – error process is completed, you can lead a happy, full and complete life.
Just don’t forget to look for your guardian angel.